It’s Time for a Major Update


After months of attempted contact and discussion, Atlus ended talks with us about the Persona 4 Musical. 
We received an email from their business development team that stated that they refused to authorize the continuation of this project and that they would like to pursue the idea of a musical version of Persona 4 with actual professionals. 

So that’s that, then.

We cannot express how much we have appreciated your kindness and active support of this project.  It has been such an impossible joy to share our songs, words, and voices with people who understood our vision and cared about the source material as much as we did.
That all being said, the show will go on.  It is, however, a slightly different show, and it is going a rather different direction. 

Over the past several weeks, we have been working to purge our songs of all copyrighted material - character names, canon lines and official songs - so that we might return our work to where it belongs.
Some songs have not survived this transition.  We apologize to everyone who was unable to download Small Town Blues, King’s Game, Put the Drunk to Bed, Gas Station Confrontation and Prove to Me before they were removed from the internet.  They will, unfortunately, not be returning.
There are also some songs that required transformation.  Lines in the Sand, Partners, Here at the End, Maybe That’s the Point and any song that included an allusion to Corridor have been subject to edits and minor music changes during this transition.
The rest will be returning as they are.

Also, since we no longer have a reason to tread softly, we have further news! 

In addition to returning the demo tracks to their rightful place on the internet, we will be starting a Kickstarter in the next several weeks to help fund a fully produced CD of these songs.  We would greatly appreciate your support!
We also are planning to put on a concert of these songs in Atlanta some time in the next year.  While it is not the full show we were hoping to give you, it will be a chance to see these songs performed on stage by wonderful, talented people.   The concert will be called Stand By: Songs From the Show That Almost Was.

Finally - and announcing this brings me great sadness, because it is truly the end of an era - we are going to start transitioning this blog and the rest of our social media sites away from anything that suggests affiliation with Persona 4 and Atlus.  We will be changing the name of this blog to ryan-and-leigh after our composing group Ryan and Leigh Composing (based on Jake “Ryan” Smith and Gina “Leigh” Smith, for those who are interested).
With this change comes new content.  Midnight Channel was not our only project, and while in the past we have tried to keep this blog fairly sterile and focused on Persona 4 exclusively, we are now going to open it up to our other song projects.  We will be posting original songs, pieces from our other shows and other fandom songs here starting in the near future.  We are so excited about getting the chance to share our full body of work with you.
We’re sorry that we weren’t able to make Midnight Channel: the Musical a reality.  We’re sorry that our efforts failed.  We tried, but that doesn’t really matter in the end. 

But here’s looking forward.  Please stick with us - there’s exciting stuff coming next.
So, to summarize, we are:

-Purging the content of its connection to Atlus’s properties and re-uploading the songs in the near future.
-Starting a Kickstarter to raise funds for a fully produced CD.
-Planning a concert.
-Changing the name of this blog to ryan-and-leigh
-Uploading songs in new content areas.
-Sorry about the past but excited for the future

Thank you.  All of you.

-Gina and Jake